“Borman deftly challenges age-old stereotypes, explains the scientific and medical benefits of the plant, and thoughtfully addresses how America’s War on Drugs disproportionately impacts people of color.  She tackles all of these topics through the lens of feminism and the voices of key women who are advocating for change, including Shaleen Title, attorney and member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission; Wanda James the first African-American woman to own a dispensary; and Grammy award-winning singer and purveyor of her own brand of pot, Melissa Etheridge.

“The film project began when Borman, who previously directed two other award-winning documentaries, moved to Colorado in 2014, the year the state began permitting the sale of pot to adults over 21. It was becoming a big business in the state and she was curious about how it all happened. She started by conducting telephone interviews with more than one hundred sources and was surprised to learn that some of the earliest pioneers of the business were female. It was a story she felt compelled to explore.”

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