Make no mistake, the cannabis industry’s success is due in large part to the female professionals that have taken it from an illegal niche market to a booming behemoth that’s now generating billions of dollars a year in revenue, while providing more than 120,000 jobs throughout the country.

So, when documentary film producer and director Windy Borman learned about this female-dominated industry, she was inspired to create a documentary about these women.

While the idea may have initially sounded like something that wouldn’t garner much interest outside of documentary film nerds and cannabis professionals, it has morphed into one of the most anticipated documentaries of 2017. It has even caught the attention of people like Melissa Etheridge, Willie Nelson and Susan Sarandon—all of whom have also contributed to the making of this documentary.

One of the reasons this movie is getting so much attention is because it’s been designed to change the national conversation on cannabis. Cannabis businesses have championed this movie because it’s going to help the industry move beyond the negative stereotypes often associated with weed.

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