Hillary Peckham_1024x1024Hillary Peckham co-founded Etain, LLC, the only women-owned business to receive one of the five competitive medical marijuana licenses in New York State, vying successfully for a license against long-moneyed operations backed by investment firms like Goldman-Sachs and outside venture capital groups with 100-million dollar strategies for New York State. As the Chief Operations Officer, she oversees all operations for Etain, LLC at their manufacturing facility and four dispensing locations. She is the acting spokeswoman for the company, as well as liaison between Etain, LLC and the NYS Department of Health.

Hillary is a native New Yorker and long-time resident of Katonah, New York.  A failed hip surgery lead her to focus on music as a potential means of therapy for people who have experienced some trauma.  Hillary’s passion for the medical cannabis industry comes from her own experience with chronic pain and muscular atrophy. She spent two years unable to walk and suffers from permanent atrophy. Consequently, she developed a strong interest in alternative therapies that provide palliative care for those enduring long-term suffering. Following her college graduation, Hillary took her ambition for therapy on a multi-year journey into the medical marijuana industry with her mother (Amy Peckham) and her sister (Keeley Peckham).

When building the cannabis industry from the ground up, why is gender parity (having at least 50% women) so important?

Gender parity is important in any industry, but especially in a fledgling one like the marijuana business. The relative youth of this industry presents an opportunity for women to gain a foothold as leaders with respected voices where elsewhere women in business are marginalized. I believe that building this industry with the input and ownership of women is a step towards expanding the role of women in business in other industries as well.

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