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10 Tips for the Best Audience Experience

Below are 10 tips for maximizing the impact of a “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed” virtual film screening. You can sign up to host a virtual screening at: bit.ly/MJFvirtual. For questions, contact our screening team.

#1: Choose the date and time.

Be mindful of everyone’s “new normal”.

Confirm potential speakers are available and that you are not competing with other events.

Decide whether the screening is free (with RSVP) or you are selling tickets.

Select the date, time, type of screening (free or ticketed), and audience size (1-50, up to 100, and up to 250).

#2: Complete the virtual screening paperwork.

Step 1: Complete the “Host a Screening” form at: bit.ly/MJFvirtual

Step 2: Sign the Screening Agreement and Send your Screening Fee.

Step 3: Receive the Marketing Toolkit and Discussion Guide.

Step 4: The private screening link and passwords to “MARY JANES: THE WOMEN OF WEED” will be sent to you 24 hours prior to your event.

#3: Engage your allies.

Identify the activists and organizations who share the Puffragette(R) values: gender parity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Share your goals, talking points, and outcomes of the virtual screening with them.

Invite them to attend, promote, sponsor, and/or speak during the post-screening Q&A.

#4: Invite your community.

Decide what online program you want to use to manage your guest list and register.

Use the Marketing Toolkit to promote your virtual event on social media and your email lists to gather RSVPs.

Optional: Complete the template press release and send it to local press or bloggers.

Send reminders leading up to the virtual screening.

#5: Educate your audience.

A Puffragette(R) is a woman (or man) who is building gender parity, social justice, and environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry.

Explain why men and women outside of cannabis should care about the cause.

Share why people of all genders within the cannabis community should uphold these core values.

Educate your guests about how the virtual screening will work.

Consider using the Discussion Guide to host a post-screening Q&A or panel.

#6: Check that your systems are working.

Select the platform for your post-screening Q&A.

At least 24 hours prior to the event, do an audio and video test of your and your panelists’s equipment.

Is the online meeting app loading well?

Does the computer or any software need to be updated?

Is your audio system (and microphone) working?

Have a back-up plan in case your current internet connection weakens.

#7: Send the screening link.

The day of your event, we will send you a private screening link and password to “MARY JANES: THE WOMEN OF WEED”.

This is only to be shared with your guest list during the date and time listed in your screening license.

Email the screening link and password to your guests and give instructions for how any post-screening Q&A will work.

#8: Spotlight allies and community resources.

“Where can I get it?” and “Who can I talk to?” are the two most common questions “MARY JANES” elicits from audiences. Spotlight the people, brands, and organizations in your community who represent the Puffragette(R) values.

#9: Harness the energy.

What is the biggest need in your community around gender parity, social justice, sustainability, and cannabis?

Use the momentum from your virtual screening to ask your community to take action. Something simple and timely (sign a petition, email your legislators, donate, volunteer) is best.

Create a clear call-to-action and share that during your post-screening panel and again when you thank everyone for attending.

#10: Brainstorm where to go next.

A clear and urgent call-to-action is the first step.

Use your virtual screening to discuss where your community should go next.

Build a coalition. Follow up. Work together toward common goals.


For questions, contact our screening coordinator at: screenings@maryjanesfilm.com

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