Setting the scene for Director Windy Borman’s big night. Photo credit: Lauren Gibbs.

The Big Night

Excitement. Anticipation. Sisterhood. These are the words that best describe how I felt walking into my first cannabis “sesh”.

In my previous posts, you’ve read that I “started low and went slow” by trying a topical cannabis oil by Empower Body Care. Then I visited the Simply Pure dispensary, where I purchased a gram of cannabis flower and “Love at First Bite” chocolates from Sweet Mary Janes.

Tonight was the night I would finally consume cannabis. Instead of my “deflowering”, I thought of the event as my “flowering”. I put a rose in my hair, donned the red lipstick, and walked in to my own personal soundtrack of “Boss Ass Bitch”.

Support From My Cannabis Fairy Godmothers

My goal was to have a nice, balanced experience akin to a glass of wine with some girl friends. I’d gathered a group of women, who I called my Cannabis Fairy Godmothers, to walk me through how to safely consume the cannabis I’d purchased. They consisted of: Wanda James, Jaime Lewis, Lauren Gibbs, Danielle Espinel, Wy Livingston and Kimm Miller.

Their advice was to start with a small portion of an edible. Since that could take 1-2 hours to take effect, I could also vape the flower I’d purchased and we’d see how I felt.

Windy’s first vape. Photo Credit: Lauren Gibbs.

I cut the 10mg chocolate roughly into thirds. I ate approximately 3mg of the delicious chocolate and passed them around, so I wouldn’t Dowd Out.

Next, Lauren taught me how to grind the cannabis flower and use her vaporizer. This particular device heats up the cannabis and emits the vapor into a “balloon” so it quickly returns to room temperature. The balloon filled with a slightly hazy vapor and Lauren showed me how to inhale it. (I know! Having never smoked a cigarette, I didn’t even know how to inhale.)

I put the balloon to my lips, inhaled halfway, removed the balloon, inhaled the vapor deeper into my lungs, and then exhaled… Nothing came out. But I could taste the berry/herby essence of the cannabis.

How Did I Feel?

Shortly thereafter I felt my fingertips “buzz”. It wasn’t a paranoid, heart flutter; it was an electric buzz of energy. My pupils dilated and I got giggly and thirsty.

Over an hour later, I felt a nice, elevated lift from the edible. I felt in control and happy, and thought I could possibly do more. I asked my Cannabis Fairy Godmothers what they thought and they advised that I could take one more puff from a vaporizer. With “two thumbs up”, I tried a different vaporizer. This time vapor came out when I exhaled.

I finally felt like a real “Puffragette”!

What I Learned

That’s a wrap! Photo Credit: Lauren Gibbs.

I learned there are simple ways to add the benefits of cannabis into my lifestyle. I haven’t vaped or consumed since this experience, but neither do I have a glass of wine every night. Using a topical for back pain, adding hemp hearts to my morning yogurt, or a few drops of cannabis oil to my tea, are easy ways to add the benefits of cannabis into my daily routine. However, when we recently hosted a Housewarming Party, the special occasion called for sharing some of my leftover Sweet Mary Janes chocolates.

I also learned this experience was the first time several of my Cannabis Fairy Godmothers decided to consume on camera. They were hesitant because they didn’t want add to the “stoner” stereotype, but decided that if we are truly going to normalize cannabis—and bring it out of the dark corners of society—then we need to show it is no different from having a glass of wine or taking medication.

We accomplish this by showing professional women responsibly consuming cannabis. Focusing on respect and human rights. Celebrating sisterhood and community.

This is how the Puffragette Movement can change hearts and minds. Join us!