Jazmin Hupp was the bell of the cannabis ball when she co-founded Women Grow in 2014. Women Grow grew ‘like a weed’ to connect 75,000 women at events in 60 cities. She was named a “genius entrepreneur” by Fortune Magazine and Forbes considered her one of the “top businesswomen” in the cannabis industry.

Jazmin was on the cover of magazines, having finally reached her entrepreneurial goals of making a big impact for women, only to realize that the goals she had been chasing were for external validation. She had sacrificed her mental and physical health to create a role that wasn’t sustainable. After passing Women Grow to a more diverse leadership team, Jazmin took three years ‘in’ to look for her truth.

From 2017 to 2020, Jazmin combined psychedelic experiences, meditation, and kundalini yoga to heal her body, mind, and spirit. She lost 50 pounds without dieting, she doubled her income while working half the hours, and she explored unity consciousness. Realizing that everyone should have the opportunity to exponentially uplevel their lives, Jazmin compiled her methods into her first book. The Inside Guide teaches Jazmin’s step-by-step instructions for intentionally using magic mushrooms, MDMA, marijuana, movement, and meditation for personal growth.

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