Jill Brzezicki is a degreed and published scientist with 15 years experience in research and analytical analysis. With a background in chemistry and a master’s degree in toxicology, she has developed methods for characterizing properties of environmental contaminants and their interactions and affects on human health. Translating her experience and proficiency with GC, HPLC, ICP, and PCR instrumentation allowed her to open and operate a mobile cannabis testing business, which evolved into Colorado’s Premier Recreational Marijuana Testing Laboratory. CMT Laboratories was one of Colorado’s first licensed and certified marijuana testing facilities offering reliable, accurate and precise analytical analysis by experienced Chemists. It sold to Agriscience Laboratories in 2016. The following year Jill started the CBD company, Mountain Meadow  Farms.

When building the cannabis industry from the ground up, why is gender parity (having at least 50% women) so important?

The cannabis industry has provided a unique frontier for women to find community and success while working side by side in friendly competition.  Providing gender parity in the industry is critical for women to achieve equality with men in pay, knowledge, opportunity and business ownership.  The gender pay gap has been more than disturbing for me throughout my career as a scientist and it feels very satisfying to create a business from the ground up that runs on equality and integrity.

Website: mountainmeadowfarms.com