Women are turning to the cannabis plant for health and wellness or for relaxation and pure enjoyment, but the stigma still lingers for many.
Meet Windy Borman, MS, the multi-award-winning director and producer of the groundbreaking documentary, “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.”
Windy documented the stories of several women who pioneered the cannabis industry, revealing why and how they got into the industry. She also tells her own story of how a family history of addiction played a role in her hesitation to try cannabis.
With the guidance of other women, Windy tried cannabis for the first time in her 30s. Find out what she experienced, watch a clip from her movie, and let’s have a conversation about trying cannabis for the first time to help demystify this healing, medicinal plant.
This candid conversation about cannabis was previously recorded live on Sunday, April 18. Watch Now