Windy Borman knows how to make an entrance. Her debut film The Eyes of Thailand won 10 festival awards and countless accolades profiling Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE), a 200-acre hospital in Thailand that builds prosthetics for elephants injured by landmines. Borman then produced the award-winning The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia that took on the myths and stigma associated with the widespread learning disorder. “Throughout all of my work,” says the filmmaker, “constant themes of education, empowerment, social justice and sustainability are always important, and because I’m a woman, my point of view on the world is female.” This perspective inspired Borman’s forthcoming third film, Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, that explores female entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

The feature-length documentary, which Borman produced and directed, includes more than 40 female leaders in the cannabis field interviewed in places like dispensaries, bakeries, medical facilities and hemp fields. Willie Nelson, Susan Sarandon and Melissa Etheridge support the project, and the latter artist appears in the film. PRØHBTD spoke with Borman… about Mary Janes, gender disparity, and how female leadership can positively impact the cannabis movement. She also unloaded a big surprise about her first cannabis experience.

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