“September has come and gone and many cannabis connoisseurs are preparing for their fall harvest, the holiday season, or those fourth quarter social media campaigns,” wrote Refined Bud. “To help get those creative juices flowing, here are Refined Bud’s six examples of successful social media posts from cannabis brands in September.”

According to their Facebook Page, “Refined Bud is always trying to help make cannabis brands more successful on social media. We found 6 AMAZING brands that follow best practices, engage with the audience, and create killer social media campaigns and share advice on how your cannabis brand can do the same. Congrats to the BEST 6 cannabis brands on social media for September: Kiva Confections, Kush Kards, Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, Dope Magazine, Jeff The 420 Chef, and Madame Munchie!”

Coming in at #3 was Mary Janes Film. Here is what Refined Bud had to say about us:


What they did right: Mary Janes Film, a documentary following Puffragettes™ as they navigate the “budding” marijuana industry in the United States, captured the human side of the film by using interviewees in its fundraising efforts. This social strategy not only humanized the film but also helped in its fundraising—these respondents were likely incredibly supportive of the documentary and are more likely to share a post about themselves.

What can other cannabis companies learn? Highlight community on your channels. Show the lifestyle and community of your customers. We’ve talked about the importance of humanizing your brand, but it’s important also to show the people who are behind your brand or company. In a well constructed social media campaign, Mary Janes Film scored big.

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