Wendy Wendy Mosher is the Co-Founder and CEO of New West Genetics, a cannabis genetics and breeding company. Mosher is an intensely focused business professional who is corralling a high-potential team to contribute a strong foundation to a new market. Skilled negotiator, strategist of markets and their interplay with IP, and proficient science interpreter between researchers and the general public. Most informative experience: daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs. Previous life/love: Educator, facilitator, communicator.

When building the cannabis industry from the ground up, why is gender parity (having at least 50% women) so important?

Because women consume a lot of cannabis. Gender parity is just good business. In addition to the fact that women consume a lot of cannabis, we make the majority of health decisions for our families. Cannabis is becoming a more acceptable and prevalent tool in families’ medicine cabinets.

What social justice and/or criminal justice reforms do you want the US to make around its drug policy, particularly around cannabis?

Legalization and regulation of cannabis is the least we can do to begin making up what has happened since Nixon started the Drug War. On top of that we should throw out any old convictions/records for cannabis possession and sale.

Why are environmentally sustainable business practices essential to the future of the cannabis industry?

Nothing is more sustainable than growing outside, at scale. The intensive resources (water, electricity, carbon footprint for greenhouses, etc) and pesticides required for indoor growing is not sustainable for this growing industry. The most sustainable practice we can start with is stabilizing genetics in seed for all other cannabinoids but THC, and growing those outside. The added benefit is much more cost-effective growing conditions, rendering the final products more affordable for consumers.

How do you incorporate gender parity, social justice, and environmental sustainability into your work and the growth of your business/organization?

NWG recognizes the strength that diversity contributes to business. Our first hire was a woman, 90% of our field crew was female last year, and we have a gender balanced board. As we continue to build our business, we will continue to seek out diversity.

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