Puffragette (pronounced “Puff-rah-jet”) is a combination of Pot and Suffragette.

Pot is a nickname for marijuana.


A Suffragette is a woman who worked to get voting rights for women in the past when women were not allowed to vote.


Pot + Suffragette = Puffragette

By combining them together we define the word as follows:

Puffragette (noun) a person working for gender equity, social justice and environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry.

You don’t have to “puff” to be a Puffragette.

You don’t need to be a Suffragette to be a Puffragette—although we highly encourage you to “get out the vote”.

We believe Puffragettes are the key to the future of the legal cannabis industry and we cannot wait to introduce you to the powerful Puffragettes of “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed”.

Join the #Puffragette Movement!


Editor’s Note: The filmmakers updated the definition in 2021. The original definition from 2016 was “Puffragette (noun) a woman (or man) who is working for gender parity, social justice and environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry.” They ditched the gender binary and moved beyond gender parity toward gender EQUITY. The new definition more accurately describes the goals of the Puffragette Movement.