In January I attended the Sundance Film Festival with “The D Word: Understanding Dyslexia”, another documentary I produced. It was very exciting, to say the least, to be at an internationally renowned film festival and I am happy to announce that the film will appear on HBO in October.

Last week was full of celebration and networking, and I made some powerful and inspiring connections that will be fruitful for “The Eyes of Thailand” once we complete the film this spring. This week we are keeping up the momentum by pushing “The Eyes of Thailand” forward.

In December, we launched our IndieGoGo donation campaign for individuals who would like to be a part of our inspiring and award-winning documentary by making a small donation to “The Eyes of Thailand” film.

This our LAST IndieGoGo campaign for “The Eyes of Thailand”. The last opportunity to raise $17,500 to complete the film, the last chance to claim your donation perks, pre-reserve your DVDs and posters, and your last chance to get your name in the film’s credits.

Your donations of $10, $30 and up are greatly appreciated, and can be made between today and February 28th. In return, donors will receive some very cool “perks” (think of “perks” as cool gifts).

For example, with a $100 Donation, YOU will receive:

  1. IMDB Film Credit (that’s right, you would get listed in the film’s ending credits under “Thank Yous”)
  2. Personal THANK YOU and Shout Out from me (the Director)
  3. DVD or digital download of “The Eyes of Thailand” film & the Film’s Score (when available)
  4. Official poster signed by Filmmaker

Plus, your donation is 100% Tax-deductible and 15% goes directly to the FAE Elephant Hospital in Thailand.

Watch the powerful and inspiring trailer, learn more about the campaign and how to donate at: <>

If you have already donated, please consider donating again, even if it’s $10. It may not seem like much to you, but $10 donations add up quickly and they give us an opportunity to announce our progress online and keep the buzz up.

Another way to help keep our momentum going is sharing the link with your friends and networks and encouraging them to join you in donating to the film.

I hope you will join us and show your support by being a part of THE EYES OF THAILAND and making a small donation today.

With gratitude,

Windy Borman

Director/Producer, “The Eyes of Thailand”Watch movie online Rings (2017)