"The Eyes of Thailand" painting by Los Angeles-based artist Annabel Ruffell. Dimensions: 30 inches x 40 inches Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media

Sir David Attenborough asks: Are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?

We aren’t at “The Eyes of Thailand” and neither is artist Annabel Ruffell, who has created a new painting, also entitled “The Eyes of Thailand”, which you can bring home when you select the “Ele-Painting” Donation Perk via our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign.

The painting draws inspiration from the Film’s poster and features three of the stars–Soraida Salwala (the founder of FAE’s Elephant Hospital) and two elephant landmine survivors (Motala and Baby Mosha)–walking beneath an ancient Thai teak tree.

“I feel very passionate about supporting ‘The Eyes of Thailand’ [film],” says Ruffell. “Elephants are amazing, intelligent Beings that deserve to live in peace and freedom. They have as much right to this earth as we humans do.”

Annabel Ruffell was born in London, England and grew up in a small town called Ascot, not far from London. She has traveled around the world and lived in Germany, Spain, Australia and South Africa. These experiences have inspired her and are reflected in her art. In 2003, Annabel’s travels led her to Los Angeles, California and she now resides in Santa Monica. Annabel has been painting with acrylics and oils for a number of years now and continues to explore different mediums. Over the years, she has exhibited her art at venues in London and Los Angeles.

“My inspiration comes from all of life; its beauty, its ever-changing form, the light and dark, the extremes it encompasses and all the colors in between,” writes Ruffell. “I have always been fascinated with the power and beauty of color, the merging and mixing of it and the many shades and shapes it can develop into. My intention is to inspire people from all walks of life around the world, with my paintings, prints and greeting cards.”

To learn more about Annabel Ruffell and see her work, please visit: http://www.annabelruffellart.com/

To bring “The Eyes of Thailand” painting into your home, visit our IndieGoGo page and select the “Art For Elephant’s Sake” perk. There’s only one painting available, so act now!


Windy Borman

Director | Producer, The Eyes of Thailand