June 16, 2010– In addition to building prosthetic limbs for elephants (like Mosha and Motala) that step on landmines, the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) Elephant Hospital also treats elephants for everything from illness, injuries and sometimes they treat pregnant elephants and their calves, as well.

Earlier this year we announced the successful birth of Baby Dante (above) on February 15, 2010. Kamnoi and Dante continue to bond and staff at FAE are supplementing her milk with goat’s milk to help Dante put on weight.

Last week we announced that Maenoi successful delivered her baby, who FAE has since named Veto (below). Baby Veto is a week old and still adorable!

For more information about FAE’s Elephant Hospital, please visit their web site.

To view the trailer for the elephant conservation documentary, The Eyes of Thailand, please visit http://eyesofthailand.com

Thank you,

Windy Borman

Director & Producer, The Eyes of Thailand