To help you show off your “Eyes of Thailand” spirit at our upcoming film festivals, we’ve launched a Facebook Store so you can pre-order your official “Eyes of Thailand” T-shirts and posters. The gear is in limited supply, so pre-order yours TODAY!

“Dream Big” T-Shirts: We love to see Democracy in action! Our Facebook Fans voted in August on their favorite T-shirt designs and here’s the winning look. The design features Motala and Baby Mosha on the front with our “Dream Big” slogan, and the title of the film on the back. Men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes available.


(c) Eyes of Thailand, LLC


Official Film Posters: Now you can bring home a bit of elephant history with an official poster for “The Eyes of Thailand”. Posters are unsigned and measure 24″ x 36″, exactly the same size we use at our film festival screenings!


(c) Eyes of Thailand, LLC. All rights reserved.


  • If you selected a T-shirt or poster as part of a Donation Perk, you do NOT have to pre-order your gear. We already have you factored into the headcount.
  • Posters and T-shirts will be mailed later this month.
  • If you’re coming to a festival in September, we’ll have T-shirts on hand for cash purchase.
  • Once we decide on a water bottle company, we’ll reveal the water bottle design and add them to the Facebook Store, too.

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