In Defense of Animals (IDA) announced that India has banned elephants from zoos and circuses, citing the abusive treatment and confinement:

San Rafael, Calif. (November 12, 2009)–In Defense of Animals (IDA) today hailed the recent ruling by India’s Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to completely ban the keeping of elephants in zoos, circuses and private collections throughout the country and ordering of the release of 140 such elephants, who will be “rehabilitated” to live in semi-free ranging conditions in forest camps and facilities near national parks, and other protected wildlife reserves.

IDA adds:

If a country such as India, which has thousands of years’ experience managing elephants in captivity, can make such a forward-thinking decision, then certainly the United States can take a stand against circuses that exploit elephants and sub-optimal zoo exhibits that cause elephants to suffer and die prematurely…

Please visit IDA’s Elephant Task Force webpage to read more.


Windy Borman

Producer, Writer and Director, The Eyes of Thailand

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