maryjanes: The Women of Weed DVD Cover“With the rapidly evolving cannabis industry and social media campaigns, such as #TimesUp and #MeToo, 2018 is becoming known as the year of change. Women and the cannabis industry are making headway and putting themselves on the map; specifically, women in the cannabis industry. In no particular order, here are 10 notable women striving for change and bursting through glass ceilings in the cannabis industry.”

In June 2018, Marijuana Stocks released a list titled “Mary Janes for Change: 10 of Marijuana’s Leading Ladies And What They’re Doing for the Cannabis Industry”. We’re happy to share that 3 of our cast members–Amanda Reiman, Jaime Lewis, and Jazmin Hupp–plus Director Windy Borman made the list.

Check out the full list of women effecting change for cannabis here.