“But, like the Suffragettes, women have played a significant role in normalizing the conversation about cannabis, particularly in the context of fostering a sense of trust and building acceptance for the use of cannabis as a healing tool. It’s no surprise, given that women have inspired so many environmental, social justice and human rights movements that often start from a point of compassion. As influential leaders in the cannabis industry, women have been at the forefront of breaking through perception barriers and propelling public acceptance of regulatory reforms. They are also establishing new normals in corporate culture by transcending gender bias and demonstrating that compassionate leadership is a pathway to success. 

“That’s the topic of this week’s interview with filmmaker Windy Borman, director of the award-winning documentary, Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, and singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, one of the iconic influencers featured in the film. Windy explains how her own perceptions (and trepidation) about cannabis were transformed in the process of making the film, and Melissa talks about her personal battle with breast cancer, and how cannabis has improved her life. Together we discuss the ways in which women have empowered the industry, how their compassionate style of leadership has potential to change the face of American corporate culture at large and other revelations about social justice, sustainability and the importance of cannabis to human health.”

Listen to the full interview with Snowden Bishop on The Cannabis Reporter.