Michael Wysocki and Motala, an elephant landmine survivor featured in "The Eyes of Thailand" film. (Photo by Michael Wysocki).

Hello, All,

I am happy to introduce a Guest Blogger to “The Eyes of Thailand” community. Michael Wysocki is a new Ele-friend who has the unique experience of volunteering at FAE’s Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand. We welcome Michael to the elephant family and look forward to sharing his on-the-ground updates from FAE, Soraida and the other elephants featured in our film.

And with that, here’s Michael:

Sawadeekrab friends,

My name is Michael Wysocki.  I am part Polish, part Native American, and was born and raised on the tiny traditional islands of America’s Lowcountry where life flowed straight from the saltwater rivers into my veins. When I was eighteen, I ventured off to Australia and studied Environmental Science/ Zoology at James Cook University of Cairns.  Down under I worked as a zookeeper at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve… a time in my life when twenty-six Lions, two Cheetah, and one Tiger were my world.  Since then, I have helped train Chimpanzees in New Zealand, built a Primate rescue center in Peru for exploited wild animals, developed wildlife photographs, modeled in NYC, filmed and produced outdoor television programming, and now, at the age of twenty-seven, have made my way to FAE hospital in Lampang, Thailand. I am a simple and humble guy with a complicated heart and a whole heap of instincts, hope, love, and faith that fuel my life.

So follow me and let’s bring awareness to the world about the realities of today’s Asian Elephants and their fight for survival through “The Eyes of Thailand.” I will post photos and write of my days here at FAE hospital, deep in the Jungles of Thailand… a place where I am blessed to witness miracles everyday and happily share them with you.