Namfon is the youngest elephant at FAE.  Earlier in 2009, we reported that:

Namfon was disowned by her mother, Boonpan, shorty after she was born on April 27, 2009.  Because elephants are social creatures, they learn parenting skills from the matriarchs in their herd.  Namfon’s mother never learned how to be a mother and therefore tried to trample Namfon when she attempted to nurse.   Soraida writes, “We tried to persuade Boonpan to recognize her own baby but her behaviour this morning was the intention to kill. They have to stay in different Infirmaries away from each other… Boonpan killed her first offspring and Namfon, which means “rain water”, is her second. We would not risk the baby’s life and shall do our best to make the two happy.”  After several unsuccessful atempts, FAE found an elephant from a nearby elephant camp who just weaned a baby to be Namfon’s wet nurse.  Several weeks later, she is beginning to gain some weight.

In August 2009, I met Namfon while filming the The Eyes of Thailand at FAE.  Here she is saying hello to Production Coordinator Julia.


Namfon gives Julia a Hello sniff at FAE in August 2009.

Since then, Namfon has become more active, but still struggles with eating and putting on weight.  FAE is experiencing an usually cold winter, so they’ve given Namfon a blanket, which she wears as a “coat” on her walks.

Namfon walks with Dr. Kay at FAE.

Namfon walks with Dr. Kay at FAE.

On December 12, 2009, Soraida reported, “Baby Namfon has 13.1 Litres of milk yesterday and 2.5 litres this morning. Now she is having a walk with blanket over her body.”

We hope that her health continues to improve into 2010.

-Windy Borman

Producer, Writer and Director, The Eyes of Thailand

P.S. December 14, 2009–Soraida wrote: “Baby Namfon has fever, we are trying to do our best. I do not know what else to say, but she is standing, having slight difficulty in  breathing. Dr. Preecha and Dr. Kay are treating her.”