Baby Mosha, an elephant landmine survivor at the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) Elephant Hospital and featured in the documentary The Eyes of Thailand, is growing so fast, the Prostheses Foundation had to return to FAE and adjust her prosthesis again.

Elephant landmine survivor, Mosha, at FAE's Elephant Hospital (March 24, 2010).

On March 16, 2010, we reported that Mosha received a new prosthesis in honor of Thailand’s National Elephant Day (March 13th).  Two weeks later, the Prostheses Foundation staff returned to adjust her prosthetic limb.

Examing Mosha's new prosthesis.

Below are some pictures of Motala, a fellow Elephant landmine survivor and patient at FAE, greeting Mosha in her pen.

Elephant landmine survivor, Motala, walks with Soraida Salwala to visit Mosha in her pen (April 1, 2010).

Baby Mosha walks toward Motala, a fellow patient and prosthesis wearer (April 1, 2010).

We’ll keep you posted on Mosha and Motala’s progress!

In the meantime, please watch and rate the new Sizzle Reel for The Eyes of Thailand, which features Mosha, Motala and FAE’s founder, Soraida Salwala. (Please note: The numbers of ratings and comments help the film get more exposure).  Thanks so much!


Windy Borman

Director/Producer, The Eyes of Thailand