ACTION ALERT: With elephant logging now illegal in Thailand, many owners look to the tourism industry for income.  There are now over 2,000 elephants working in tourist treks, as street beggars, or performing in elephant circus shows in Thailand.  While some tourists think it is fun and exciting to see an elephant up close, feed her bananas, or walk through the jungle on her back, the reality is much different.

The elephants are not only overworked, but they also suffer injuries from performances or car accidents, water poisoning from dirty city water, starvation, and the list goes on… But tourist awareness and education will decrease the demand for working elephants.

The Lonely Planet Guides are printed in 8 languages and are one of the most popular traveler’s guides. This petition demands the addition of the dark side of the elephants tourism industry in the company’s books, so that travelers may make conscious decisions before unknowingly supporting any abuse.