I have some sad news to share.  On December 18, 2009, Soraida wrote:

At 8.55 p.m. Baby Namfon fell on the sand and we helped her up, trying to walk her to the mattresses but she resisted. Now she is standing but shaking, urinated what we think has blood in it but will check for certain.

The owner has been contacted for final decision. He puts it in our hands. We shall do all we can to take good care of the Baby until the final moment comes.

Bless her,


Within hours, Soraida wrote:

I am sorry to share with you this sad news. Baby Namfon could not make it, she died early this morning at 2.50 a.m.

We shall bury her next to Baby Dumbo, Tiny and Toansai.

We are all very sad but there are many more lives to be saved. MaeNoi who is expecting the baby needs our care, Somsri, Jok and other elephants are waiting to be tended too. Even though our hearts are heavy… we shall move on with our strong determination to help the elephants in need.

Thanks to you all for the support.

Soraida and all at FAE

I met Baby Namfon, an Asian Elephant who was rejected by her mother shortly after birth, while filming The Eyes of Thailand at FAE in August 2009.  At that time she was 5-months old, and, though slow to put on weight, still very curious about new people.

Baby Namfon and Julia in August 2009

Baby Namfon and Julia in August 2009

On December 14, 2009, Namfon was featured in the “Meet the Patients: Namfon” blog post.

Soraida, and all her staff and supporters at FAE, are in our thoughts.

-Windy Borman

Producer, Writer and Director, The Eyes of Thailand