After a long, two-day journey, Boonmee soaks her foot in an antiseptic bath at FAE's Elephant Hospital.

I am writing with an update on Boonmee, the 10-year elephant landmine victim that arrived at FAE’s Elephant Hospital today. Soraida Salwala, FAE’s founder, sent me the following email:

Boonmee is a 10-year old Thai elephant. She was taken across the border into Burma to accompany her mother, Mokaymae, to haul logs. On Saturday 11th September, while chained near her mother, Boonmee got lose from the chain and walked to the area where she stepped on the mine. FAE was informed on Sunday afternoon, Boonmee walked 3 km. to Moei River but could not cross as the tides were high. So, they waited until yesterday and used the boat to lead Boonmee in the river to Thai territory.

They loaded her on a truck and headed to FAE Elephant Hospital in Lampang. The journey took 7 long hours. After arrival at 1.38 today, painkillers, antibiotics, anti-inflammation were given. Antiseptic sprays on the dirty wounds. Boonmee is severely injured on her right leg, no foot pad left, all shredded but three nails are intact, two nails lost.

Boonmee makes the second Thai elephant that has stepped on a landmine and survived to be treated by FAE since August 4, 2010. She joins Mae ka pae (10), Motala (49) and Mosha (5) at FAE’s Elephant Hospital.

As I learn more I will post it here and on the Facebook Page.

-Windy Borman

Director/Producer The Eyes of Thailand