The Animal Rights 2009 National Conference is in LA from July 16-20.  So far, I’ve met some amazing animal activists and supporters and am pleased with the content I’ve seen and heard about elephants.  Two of the projects I’d like to highlight are:

  • War on Animals, a documentary by Courtney Scott and Beyond Pictures, which “provides an overview of animal rights throughout history and illustrates the many ways activists are working to alleviate the animals’ suffering, including the refuges and sanctuaries that offer a new lease on life to old or disabled farm, lab, zoo and circus animals.” http://www.beyond-productions.com/
Image from "War on Animals"

Image from "War on Animals"

Producer & Director, "Elephants on the Edge"

Producer & Director, "Elephants on the Edge"

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to brunch at Real Food Daily and meeting with Catherine Doyle from In Defense of Animals about her work with elephants involved in Amusement Campaigns (i.e. zoos and circuses).  To learn more about IDA’s Help Elephants campaigns, click here.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the conference!


Windy Borman

Producer, Writer and Director, The Eyes of Thailand

P.S. If you’re looking for a conference in Asia, consider Asia for Animals Conference 2010 in Singapore.  Who knows, maybe The Eyes of Thailand will be there, too!