On April 24, 2009, actress/comedienne and animal advocate Georja Umano attended a 3-day Summit for Elephants at ARK 2000, a Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuary in San Andreas, CA.

The gathering drew everyone from veterinarians and trainers, to progressive zoo directors, animal activists and philanthropists to discuss how to organize themselves to prohibit the use of wildlife in circuses in the U.S. and abroad.  This includes enforcing the Endangered Species Act to remove endangered Asian Elephants from the Ringling Brothers Circus.

To read the full article and view pictures from the Summit, please visit: http://www.lasplash.com/publish/Entertainment/cat_index_worldwide_charities/Summit_for_Elephants_-_They_Need_Our_Help.php

Georja Umano at the Summit for Elephants

Georja Umano at the Summit for Elephants

For more info on PAWS, please read Umano’s second article: http://www.lasplash.com/publish/Entertainment/cat_index_worldwide_charities/PAWS_Wildlife_Sanctuary.php

-Windy Borman

Producer, Writer and Director, “The Eyes of Thailand”