Happy Valentine’s Day, “Ele-Friends”!

I am pleased to announce another way for you to help us save elephants. Artist Greg Hetrick has graciously decided to donate 75% of the print sales of “Tearful Relief” (above) to “The Eyes of Thailand” IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign.

The prints are available on Etsy and come in three (3) sizes: 5×7, 8×10 and 13 x 19. Some of them also include extra “perks” from “The Eyes of Thailand” film:

  • The 8×10 includes a handwritten note on the Film’s postcard from the filmmaker.
  • The 13×19 includes one (1) DVD or digital download of “The Eyes of Thailand” (when available) + a handwritten note on the Film’s postcard from the filmmaker.

This offer is only valid through February 29, 2012. To purchase a “Tearful Relief” print and claim the perks above, visit Greg’s Etsy site.

About the Artist:

Originally from Colorado, Greg relocated to the east coast after college. There he developed a love for the sea and developed a close association with nature and animals.

“I painted ‘Tearful Relief’ after watching the trailer for ‘The Eyes of Thailand’ documentary,” writes Greg. “There is a moment when an elephant named Motala” arrives at the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) Hospital after stepping on a landmine, and she “is consoled by the Hospital founder, Soraida Salwala. In this poignant scene, Motala is crying. I found myself wondering what type of tears… Motala was offering. Were they tears of sadness, or of pain? As I watched I came to the conclusion Motala cried tears of relief, understanding she was in a place that would care for her and help her heal.”

This piece “not only captures a moment of film where the relationship and impact of man on the natural world can be clearly identified, but, to me, it also serves as a reminder of the responsibility we must assume for our actions. ‘The Eyes of Thailand’ is an important film in raising awareness of the indiscriminate violence landmines pose and the healing work at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital.”

About The Film — “The Eyes of Thailand”

D.V.A. Productions, in Association with Indiewood Pictures, is currently producing the powerful and award-winning documentary The Eyes of Thailand. After losing their legs from stepping on a landmine, two elephant survivors are given a second chance to walk again.  “The Eyes of Thailand” is a touching and eye-opening story of sacrifice and perseverance against all odds to make a positive difference in the lives of others.   The Film is Directed and Produced by Windy Borman and Produced by award-winning producer Tim VandeSteeg. Currently, the film is in post-production and on schedule to be completed in March.

If you’d like to support “The Eyes of Thailand” and learn more, please visit our IndieGoGo campaign, where you can watch the trailer, share it with your network and make a tax-deductible donation to the film in exchange for some amazing donation “perks”.

Artwork Specifications:
Giclee Print using archival ink and paper
Framing can be provided at an additional cost
Shipping will be provided via United Postal Service.