Happy Valentine’s Day, “Ele-Friends”!

I am pleased to announce that we recieved our 1,900th Facebook Fan last night, which means we can reveal more still frames of the film’s animations. All the animations were done by the amazingly talented Tahnee Gehm and will appear in the final cut of “The Eyes of Thailand” documentary. (To see the previously released “sneak peek” animation stills, click here). Enjoy!

Motala's mahout comforts her after she steps on a landmine.

Baby Mosha is injured by a landmine.

Soraida welcomes Baby Mosha to FAE's Elephant Hospital

Soraida Salwala protests elephant exports in Thailand.

A departure from the Thai shadow puppet aesthetc, this animation shows elephant weight distribution and the importance of building an elephant-sized prosthesis for Baby Mosha.

A blue-print style animation shows the steps involved with building a prosthesis.