Digital content is any content that exists in the form of digital data. Forms of digital content include information that is digitally broadcast, streamed, or contained in computer files. 

In contrast to electronic analog media, digital content can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, listened to, and preserved on a digital electronics device. Digital content includes text, audio, video, and graphics that are transmitted over the internet for viewing or listening to on the internet.

I produce a wide range of digital content for thought leaders so they can entertain, engage, and empower their audiences to create global change.

By combining my passions for storytelling and D.E.I., with my ability to leverage media for community engagement and audience growth, I have successfully managed everything from integrated media campaigns–across video, TV, radio, and social–to live, virtual, and hybrid events.

From fundraising and celebrity outreach, to film premieres, video game premieres, corporate events, and product launches, I will assess your needs and deliver a winning digital content strategy that aligns your goals with your budget.

If you need more support, I can also produce, write, and direct your digital content.

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