Before I describe a Boundaries Check-In, let’s first define what personal boundaries are.

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits.

Ann C. James, Founder of Intimacy Coordinators of Color

A Boundaries Check-In is an opportunity for everyone to share their personal boundaries. This can take the form of identifying boundaries for different areas of the body (such as in the case of actors, dancers, or performers).

We can expand this to include how someone would like to be greeted (hugs, handshakes, or waves from six-feet away), requests for asking before you move any equipment, or reminders about needing to end rehearsal or filming at a specific time.

If there is an Intimacy Professional on set or in rehearsal, they will include a Boundaries Check-In as part of their work with the actors.

However, anyone can add a Boundaries Check-In to a meeting, rehearsal, or production to foster a Consent-Forward environment. Email me to learn more