Have you heard of an Intimacy Coordinator? 

The role has gained popularity in the #MeToo Era to keep actors safe in scenes involving simulated sex, nudity, or hyper-exposure. If you follow entertainment news, you may have read about productions hiring Intimacy Coordinators (ICs) to advocate for the actors and choreograph the scenes to respect actor boundaries. 

Intimacy Coordinators (ICs) help to create a safer environment on set for performers during scenes involving nudity, simulated sex, and other types of intimate content, while also helping the director realize their creative vision.

Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA)

Currently, SAG/AFTRA requires ICs on all union productions for scenes involving simulated sex and nudity. This is a great addition to keep actors safe in vulnerable situations that were ripe for abuse, harassment, and/or coercion. 

However, protection gaps exist. 

For example, how do we keep actors safe from abuse, harassment, and/or coercion in “non-sexual scenes” or on non-union productions? And what about the rest of the crew?

The Importance of Consent-Forward Artists

A Consent-Forward Artist (CFA) is an advocate and educator, who understands how consent, boundaries, power dynamics, and the role of intimacy professionals contribute to the entertainment industry. 

IDC Professionals

Consent-Forward Artists have foundational understandings of trauma-informed practices, bystander intervention, and advocating for the presence of other professionals that support a safer work environment (such as cultural consultants, on-set therapists, fight directors, and stunt coordinators). 

In September 2022, I completed my training to become a Certified Consent-Forward Artist in film, television, theater, dance, art, and entertainment. But consent is not limited to those industries.

Any profession that involves human bodies can benefit from a consent-forward approach to communication and creativity. 

Throughout my two-year certification process, I reflected on my 20+ years of producing and directing experience. I synthesized some ideas into a series of blog posts, which you can find HERE

Is a Consent-Forward Artist Right for Your Production?

  • Do you share my goal to make the entertainment industry less exploitive? 
  • Are you curious about how to make your production safer and more consensual at every stage (from Development through Performance or Delivery)? 
  • Do you think you might need an Intimacy Professional, On-Set Therapist, or Stunt Coordinator on your production, but are unsure where to start?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I invite you to Book a Free 30-Minute Virtual Coffee with me. We’ll discuss your project and I’ll share how a CFA could benefit you at every stage of your production. Together we can increase safety and consent, while reducing potential liability and harm!